My First Language Of American Society Essay

1121 Words Feb 25th, 2016 null Page
Living in today’s society, we are faced with people of different ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds. It is our job as humans to coexist, and live in a pluralistic society, peacefully. Coming from a Pakistani and Muslim background, I am often exposed to people of different walks of life, and from a young age, I have had to learn how to become part of American society. As a child, I had to learn a different language, how to answer people when they asked me questions about my religion, and I had to learn how to live a life where I would constantly have to defend my religious background. As I grew older it became easier, and I was able to peacefully coexist with people of American society. In my household, English was rarely spoken to me, so the first language I learned was Urdu. Along with a plethora of other languages, English slowly made its way into the mix. I remember being a very confused six year old trying to learn English, when all I knew were the tongues of my native countries. Going to school was a very hard transition for me because I barely knew English, and I had to learn to adapt to the language of the students around me. My school did not provide me with the ESL class either, and that made learning the language that much harder. The process consisted of learning how to read books, listening to only English music, and my parents also had to talk to me primarily in English. My kindergarten teacher was very helpful as well, and provided endless amounts of…

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