Essay about My First Grade Class By Tyler Vold

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A fragile soul walks into his first grade class, fearful of the outside world. This is where he says goodbye, goodbye to his parents, goodbye to his old life, and starts anew. This is where the new world opens up new possibilities, new experiences, and new learning. There is no longer a necessity for childlike wonder; this is supposed to be the place where every child goes to create a name for themselves. The name I was trying to create for myself was Tyler Vold, a unique individual who desired to write with passion and attack the intricacies of the English language head on. Mrs. Jones, my first grade teacher, unlocked the secrets of The Magic Treehouse series to my eyes, and the beauty of cursive to my hands. I did not know as a first grader that cursive was not created for lefties, and the frustration hit hard because my writing rhythm was not with the same strokes of the other first graders in my class. Frustration occurred during this lesson, and so I generated symbols similar to the S and the A that allowed my hand to move freely, Mrs. Jones did not appear angered at my newfound success. Mrs. Jones took an interest in me because my reading level was higher than my other classmates; I found that children’s books and pictures were not where my enjoyment spiked. The Magic Treehouse allowed my mind to move freely because pictures were so definitive of the story that creativeness was not allowed to flow. My excitement in these sorts of books allowed me to move above others…

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