My First Generation College Student At The University Of Florida

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I am from a religious, Catholic, working class family that immigrated to the land of opportunity in the 1980s from Cuba. I am considered a Hispanic Latina even though I was born in America. I am an only daughter and granddaughter, who grew up in a suburban part of Miami; Hialeah. I learned English as a second language in primary school and was labeled gifted and talented after completing assessments. I am a young adult first generation college student at the University of Florida; Go Gators.
My family were farmers from Cuba, were sugar cane is ever so sweet and the smell of coffee is ever so strong. These farms were passed down from generation to generation until resources became scares. In Cuba, you were successful if you married into a good home and had a decent pay. Most of the time they needed to have a side business in order to make ends meet. Once my family came to the United States, their values and views on life success changed. They saw what a person can accomplish when they have the opportunities you can have here. It was extremely strict growing up in a family household where you were the first to potentially graduate and go to college. My parents explained that if I did not receive a scholarship into a good institution then there would be no way to pay for college. I needed to get the highest scores in my class and they made sure that school came first. A failure in my family would be to instead of better the generations to come, not finishing high school and…

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