My Feelings on English Language Essay

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My feelings about the English language, including both grammar and literature, have changed several times throughout my life. These changes took place as I was influenced by my family and by the different teachers that I have had throughout my academic career. As a young boy, I knew very little about the English language, but the instruction which I have received throughout my academic career has worked to shape my feelings about the English language.
My parents began reading to me when I was very young. When I was only six months old, my parents bought me a number of plastic books. Using simple picture books, my parents taught me to recognize pictures of objects and how to associate those objects with their specific names. I learned
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Mrs. Mento would not just let the students in our group read words. Occasionally, she would ask us what a particular word we had just read meant. I learned the importance of not only being able to read new words but also the importance of understanding what the new words meant. Mrs. Mento made looking up words in the dictionary seem like a fun game of discovery, and this encouraged my desire to learn about the English language. To this day, I rarely read over a word that I do not know without looking it up to make sure that I understand its meaning in the context that it is used.
My second year of grade school stands out the most to me when I think back on my experience with the English language. I disliked my second grade teacher, Mrs. Walker, for most of the school year. However, I now realize that she was one of the best teachers that I ever had. Mrs. Walker realized that I was not greatly challenged by most of the English and reading assignments which she gave the rest of the class. As a result, Mrs. Walker pushed me extremely hard. Instead of placing me into a normal reading group, she gave me extra reading assignments and worked with me individually in order to challenge me and my reading skills. I disliked Mrs. Walker when I was her student because I believed that she was picking on me, but I never gave up trying to do my best at the work she gave me.
Mrs. Walker also stands out in my mind for another very important reason.

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