Essay on My Favorite Place Is Galveston, Texas

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Many people have their favorite place in the world. Whether it makes them feel safe or the fact that they grew up there. You just got to figure out that one place that you call your favorite place. Then tell exactly why you call it your favorite place, but you can just say it is cause it is you got to explain why it is for instance this is my favorite place, because the lake is where we all hang out at all through high school. My favorite place is Galveston, Texas, because we spent a lot of time there growing up and my grandmother is buried there. There is a couple of reasons why I call it my home my favorite place on earth. One is we moved around a lot but there was a lot of time we spent in Texas. Many of my dad’s side of the family is there on his mom’s side. All of my grandmother’s siblings are there except one he passed away a years ago. Most of their kids and even grandkids grew up there and all of them are still there still to this day. All of my grandmother’s siblings are all past away now including my grandmother. I remember though my great Aunt was the Main manager at this little dinner that was next to the hotel we were staying at when we had visited for a bit, and me and my grandfather could sleep well with the loss of my grandmother’s passing and my Aunt cook a lot of food for all 3 of us and we sat there talking and eating all night. One of the things we did and I still loving doing is the ferry ride we took to the island. On the way there and back we were…

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