My Favorite Meals Of Eating A Hamburger Essay

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During the week, I enjoyed some meals especially ones that contained fruits and vegetables which made it tasty and delicious. Lunch and Breakfast were usually eating by myself but during dinner my family came and we had the opportunity to eat together. One of my favorite meals of the week was spaghetti in red sauce with artichokes. I love spaghetti and there is a different variety of ingredients that can be added however adding artichokes made it delicious and original. Throughout the week, I tried to eat healthy foods but on Saturday, I felt guilty when I decided to make the choice of eating a hamburger. I knew that it was not going to be a great decision but despite I still consume it knowing that carbohydrates and fats do not make a good impact on my health. Reflecting and looking at the culture that I belong to I notice that most of the foods that my mother cooks contain an excessive amount of saturated fat and oils. Most of my favorite foods that I love and tend to crave are foods that can bring a negative impact on my health. The majority of the time I question and ask my mom to try to lower the number of oils when cooking and also to not have the habit of consuming red meat daily. However I sometimes think that if I try to change the way my family eats the traditions of consuming certain foods will fall apart since were Mexicans, we cannot just leave the foods we love, is like demonstrating that we are not feeling proud of where we come from. One of the bad eating…

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