My Father 's Side Of The Family Essay

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It was 8 o’clock on a Monday morning when I walked outside to check the clothes on the line. Everything seemed pretty normal, the clothes were still there, birds were chirping that’s one of my classical family stories that’s told at almost every holiday get together without fail. Most people have at least ones crazy story that they like to tell, and my family is no exception. The story that everyone on my father’s side of the family can recite word for word is the one where my grandmother lost the animals. The story sounds kind of crazy to begin with and the first time you hear it you aren’t sure if it is actually one hundred percent true. But, I can assure you that this in fact did happen, and yes, my grandmother lost all 6 horses and a bull from the yard on the same day.
First I’ll give you a little back ground on my father’s side of the family. I’m not going to say they are rednecks but if there was a name for people who were half redneck and half “normal” that would describe them perfectly. My grandparents live in Miramichi, a city in northern New Brunswick. There isn’t really a whole lot of farms or even people who own animals other than common house pets like a cat or dog so my grandparents and their animals kind of stuck out to people. They didn’t live on a farm, it was just a house with a barn and a fenced in corral. They had 6 horses, a bull, come cattle, and a couple of pigs. They do not have animals anymore, and after this story I think you will understand why.…

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