My Family Structure, Environment, And Culture Essay

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Introduction This paper will discuss the life of Monique. It will discuss her family structure, environment, and culture. It will show how these things played a role in her positive development during middle childhood. It will also discuss how she was able to experience the stage of intimacy instead of isolation. This paper will show how Monique is seen as an adult according to Erikson and how experiencing intimacy paved the way to her finding a partner, forming a romantic relationship and stating a family.
Summary of Relevant Biographical Information Monique was born on February 23, 1961 in Port-A-Prince, Haiti. She has six sisters and one brother. The beginning of her life was with her siblings and her parents. Her siblings either attended an all boys’ or an all girls’ school, but she attended a school that had a mixture of students. Even though she got into fights often, she really enjoyed going to school. Half of her time as a child in Haiti she spent with and without her parents. When Monique was eight years old, her father moved to the United States to work, so he could bring the rest of the family. When she was ten years old, her mother moved to the United States with her older brother. During this time, she lived with her grandmother and aunt in Haiti, with the rest of her sisters. This was very common in her culture during this time period. Even though she lived without her parents during an important time period in her life, it did not affect her.…

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