My Family Has Changed My Life Essay examples

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My family has to be as odd as it gets. Some of my friends even compare to the Kardashian/Jenner family without the fame or money. So I guess my family starts with my mom and dad. My mom is an Irish American who has lived in Waltham for most of her life. My father actually came here when he about nineteen to escape his war-torn country, El Salvador. My father was actually like a gpysy his eight years here. He first went to California, then to Nevada, Utah, and any other bible state I can think of before settling in Waltham. My father actually grew up quite religious and is now an atheist I believe because of his childhood. My mother grew up quite different from my dad. She grew up in Waltham with awesome parents. My mother grew up catholic and still is to this day a firm believer. She had a quaint upbringing. Nothing out of the normal besides strict parents. One day when she was seventeen she ran off with a man twenty years older than her and went to Puerto Rico. She quickly was caught by my grandfather and a childhood friend of hers. Though right after she turned eighteen she quickly ran away again to Puerto Rico with the same man. My grandparents didn’t know for years how she was doing or where she might be. My mom had two kids, my oldest siblings, Daisy and Michael while she was there. She did come back home and had another child, my older brother Tommy with her first husband. My mother for the next few years would end switching living in Puerto Rico…

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