Essay on My Family Cultural Background Is Hispanic

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My family cultural background is Hispanic. I will give a brief history on my parent’s childhood and how they strived to make my life a better experience than they had. I am saddened by the memories that have been shared with me, but if gave me a better understanding of why my parents did what they did during my childhood. Now as an adult I understand why my parents strived to give me experiences they never had that were both positive and nurtuing. Both my parents and I were born in the United States, but the type of life style my parentes experienced were completely different from each other. My father was the youngest of 8 children; they were a very poor family with no stable home or income to provide for the large family. For the first 5 years of my father’s life his home was a tent that was near the current fields the family was working at. The family worked together as migrant workers in the fields of Central California picking various types of crops throughout the year. As the season changed the family would gather all their belongings and move where the next field of crops needed to be harvested. Unfortunately, when my father was 5 years old, there was a tramatic incident that left my father and his sibling without parents. This meant all the children were placed in various foster homes for several years. From the stories I have heard many of these childhood memories have left my aunts and uncles scarred for life. My mother’s family had a…

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