My Experience At Pro Act Essay

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This month has definitely been an adventure. Trying to maintain and prioritize my educational needs, mixed with seeking balance with my family and work has been a challenge. As I sit here today, I can honestly say I am beginning to get a grip on managing my time to alleviate my stress; in efforts to become a superior human service professional. I am currently completing my first practicum at Pro-Act. While completing my internship with this organization I have been able to implement my knowledge I’ve learned throughout the BHHS program, incorporate my skills, view some ethical practices, and help with starting a new program within the company that focuses toward an area of specialty that I am interested in. As I evaluate myself as an emerging professional I am thankful that I was able to complete my practicum at Pro-Act. Pro-Act has provided vast opportunities to grow and emerge during this time frame.

November came fast and warranted a lot of activities that required time and devotion. Accomplishing these ventures required me to implement one of the many skills that is important as a human service professional; that skill is active listening. This requires the helper to give their full attention to the service user; this allows you to hear what they’re saying uninterrupted but reflecting what was said at the appropriate time. Pro-Act runs several groups on the daily basis. I was able to witness and participate in many of these group sessions. I learned firsthand, the pros…

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