My Experience At Illinois State University Essay

796 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine going from being terrified of speaking in front of an audience to doing it three times in one semester. That’s what I accomplished so far at Illinois State University. I have improved in a numerous number of ways after taking this communication based course. Some of my improvements are my verbal delivery when speaking and listening skills, I am now able to think more critically, and I also bypassed my pubic speaking apprehension. In this synthesis paper, I will be providing exact evidence for these improvement claims. First, I will begin with giving evidence on how my verbal delivery and listening skills have improved, I no longer have a public speaking apprehension anymore, and lastly, how I have become a better critical thinker.
Before taking this class I never understood the proper way to give a speech. My verbal delivery has improved so much, to a point where I know exactly what to say to an audience depending on the type of speech being given. For example, before taking this class I didn’t know the importance of having a great attention getter or the different ways one can be accomplished successfully. I now know that an attention getter can be done with the use of a quote, humor, or even imagery, which I used in the beginning of this paper. I also didn’t know to utilize pauses effectively and how much of an impact a speaker’s tone and voice has on his/her speech.
Another improvement that I have noticed are my listening skills. When listening to people give…

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