My Cultural Interview, My Old High School Friend, Krupa Essay

756 Words Mar 7th, 2016 4 Pages
For my cultural interview, I decided to speak to my old high school friend, Krupa, who follows Hindu beliefs. I wanted to get some insight into her particular views regarding nutrition deficits in the pediatric world. The reason I chose this topic is because I knew Krupa was a strict vegetarian, which is followed by many Hindu’s. She does not eat meat, and will not even use knifes and such that have been in contact with meat. The main reason behind this is that she does not believe in hurting animals in any way, especially killing them. Krupa has a 4-year-old child who also does not eat meat, which could potentially cause the child to be under nourished.
For the interview, I used the questions listed in the Kleinman Exploratory Model article. I first asked her what she would call this issue, and her answer was “malnourished”. She stated that malnourishment, to her, means that the child is not receiving the correct amount of nutrients in the daily diet. Next, I asked Krupa what she believes is the cause of malnourishment. She stated that when a child is malnourished, it is the result of poor parent care because the parents are not giving the child the proper nutrients. I then asked her what course she expects it to take and how serious she thought this issue was. Krupa believes that a child being malnourished could eventually kill them. She states that she knows many other health issues can come from a lack of nutrition and if left alone can lead to death. When asking what…

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