My Cultural Competency Experience As A Semester Long Project Essay

758 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Culture is a deceptive and complex concept that a person belongs to. It becomes evasive as people surrounds themselves within a culture and live deep in their group while participating in common norms (Wang, 2011). A person consistently becomes programmed to function appropriately and effectively in their culture (Wang, 2011). However, what happens when someone is placed outside their culture and immersed into an unfamiliar group? It may be perceived as an obscure encounter while trying to understand their established, acceptable and effective behaviors and knowledge. In order to become culturally competent, there should be a context of understanding of the appropriate social, cultural, political, and historical perception and awareness to the multi-level approach. In this Common Assignment, I decided to approach my cross cultural competency experience as a semester long project. When starting my Cultural Competency for Social Work coursework, I accepted a position at Wyoming Public High School as a paraprofessional. To my amazement, I was immersed into a diverse community with a variety of cultures. I then discovered that Wyoming Public High School is ranked number four as the most diverse public school in the state of Michigan (“2017 Most Diverse High School,” 2016). However, I was incognizant of the number of Spanish speaking students and involvement of the Hispanic community at Wyoming Public Schools. Majority of students belong to a rich Mexican culture and are…

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