My Choice Of Prompt Pluralism Is A Better Approach That Exclusivism For A Religion

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In today’s world, we have become an increasingly global people. Thanks to things such as the internet, we can now connect with people across the world. According to Forbes, “Socially we have become more open and tolerant towards each other” (Collins). We have become more open and accepting of others. This leads into my choice of prompt “Pluralism is a better approach that exclusivism for a religion in the twenty-first century.” I agree with the statement because in today’s society, religions such as Catholicism are fading due to their inability to change, but other religions such as Buddhism and Baha’i have evolved to try to fit this changing world.
The Catholic Church, also known as Roman Catholic, is a monotheistic religion headed by the pope, and is one of the oldest religious institution in the world. It teaches that it is the one true church made by Jesus Christ. It proclaims that the doctrine on faith and morals that it declares as definitive is infallible. The Church also says that they are the final authority upon interpretations of the Scripture, since according to 2 Peter 3:15-16, the Bible can be hard to interpret, so there should be someone else to guide in the interpretation. The Catholic Church has typically traditionalist view on things such as homosexuality, birth control and abortion. The Catholic Church is experiencing a mass exodus. According to Pew Forum, the total number of Catholics in the United States have dropped by 3 million. In that same study it…

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