My Career As A Medical Interpreter Essay

1351 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
I never imagined that going back to school would make me feel so alive. New stories, facts, and references feed my mind and my voice, bringing confidence and clarity to my life. In Spain, where I grew up, women were not recognized or encouraged to continue their education or have a voice. Out of ignorance, my father and brothers crashed any impulse that I had as a young girl to let my opinions and my voice out; however, I found alternative ways to express myself through dance, paint and spiritual practices. Even though I am confident in my body and my artistic expression, I have not explored the capacities of my voice and opinions into a professional life so I am developing them through academic studies. I want to free my voice, to explore work where my opinion matters. In my job as a medical interpreter, I am the bridge between two different languages. Therefore, as part of my role I cannot express my opinions or ideas. I experience other people’s ideas without being part of them - I feel isolated. This isolation highlights the need and desire to develop my own voice. I feel this the most strongly when I work interpreting in process groups. I observe skillful facilitators naming clearly the elephant in the room in order to free the unspoken, in the meantime, they are presenting opportunities for transformation. Moreover, I see facilitators clarifying abstract concepts so the group gains different understanding or perspective. The facilitator 's…

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