My Business Management Course, By John P. Kotter Essay

1214 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Throughout my business management course, I have learned quiet a lot of interesting and useful information. However, I decided to expand on the information that I learn and read, analyze, and apply the information that I have learned from this course and a book that I have chosen to read. The book that I have selected to read and analyze is called Leading Changes, With a New Preface by John P. Kotter. In this paper I will discuss what the novel was about, how the novel relates to the course, and provide my point of view about the information covered in the novel.

Leading Changes was a great attention grabbing and informative novel. The novel included numerous scenarios that allowed myself the reader to essentially understand the information that was presented to me. The novel elaborates on how to make change happen and what stages and process you have to take and to most likely encounter. In a way the novel presents to you the negative and positive ways of getting objective or goals accomplished.

The beginning portion of the novel reflects on why firms are not successful at transforming their organization. The first error that firms make are allowing too much complacency. This is when high urgency is not established, which managers and employees rely on. So that leads to goals and objectives not being taken serious or cutting it close to reaching deadlines due to how the managers or employees value value reaching the final goal. An example is provided with an individual…

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