My Best Friend 's Family Essay example

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Every individual, whether they like to believe it or not, has a very specific set of beliefs and ideals concerning gender roles, and what part they should play in our own lives. While some of us have to dig deeper than others to reach these gender role biases, they are present in everyone and act as the underlying basis through which we color our everyday view of the world. Upon introspection, I began to realize that for me personally, the beliefs and the ideals concerning the role of each gender that surrounded me growing up truly helped mold the way in which I view gender today- specifically in regards to the balance of work and care in a family unit. My immediate family—my mother Marion, my father Jeff, and my older brother Brian— made the largest impact in shaping who I am today, as I have a great relationship with all of them and I aspire to be a mixture of their greatest parts someday. Another individual who I believe was integral in my upbringing was my best friend’s family, specifically my best friend’s mother, Trish. While not biologically related, she refers to me as her daughter and she, along with her whole family has been impactful in my life since I was four years old. The influences of these individuals help lay the framework on which I have been building my own concept of what I hope my own family dynamic will look like someday. Although my family has influenced my perception of gender in a variety of ways, the most notable influence is in the nontraditional…

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