Essay on My Best Friend And I Have Known

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My best friend and I have known each other for about 9 years and she has been there for everything in my life. So last year we got into a small fight about something I can’t even remember. Even though the argument ended with silence where we agreed to leave it behind, she was still upset. Couple of weeks later once me and my boyfriend started talking about getting engaged I wanted her to be part of everything. Unfortunately she was still mad at something in the argument and she did not want to be part of my engagement. It hurt me a lot and I swore to never talk to her. Weeks went on I was mad and in disbelief that I didn’t even bother to even ask or contact her. As couple of months went by I was not really mad any more but more sad and hurt. Almost 8 months after my engagement she came back to apologize to me and at that time I was still mad and was so upset I was not ready to forgive. So I just went on pretending not to pay any mind. But as time went on I realized how my anger was holding me back now from sharing the moments that’s happening now in life. I realized what she did only hurt me because I cared so much. And I decided to forgive not only for her but for me so I can move on and be happy and hope she can be part of all my future events to come.
I see forgiveness as a powerful action. It is not like surrendering or being defeated. People can confuse it with giving in or as giving up in a situation. Like Jeffrie Murphy says in his book “Forgiveness and…

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