My Bachelor Field Placement At Amarillo Independent School District

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Meeting the Client
I had the opportunity to do my Bachelor field placement in the Amarillo Independent School District. During my placement, I had the opportunity to experience different situations and shadow different social workers; my field placement consisted of mostly schools but I also worker in the Families in Transitions Program. The program provides services such as bus transportation, free lunch, and school supplies for families who were homeless. In one occasion a men contacted the offices seeking help for his family; one of the counselors and social worker had the opportunity to talk to him and made an assessment of what the client’s needs were and how we could help him. In the phone call the client explain that he was the father of three daughters ages between 8 and 13; he stated that they were kicked out of a motel without warning or explanation and had to move to another motel. Feeling desperate and hopeless to help his family, he contacted local shelters but was turn down. He also explain that the Amarillo police has been harassing his family and him for their religious beliefs. In the first meeting with the client it is noticeable that the motel is not very clean and the space is very limited; the family has three small dogs and the room is fill with clothes and clutter.
A week later, the counselor came into the office explaining that one of their clients had appear on TV talking to a news reporter. The segment shown on TV was uploaded on their website and…

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