My American Dream

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London is my home away from home. If America was my greatest adventure and my greatest fear, being a Pirate was my greatest journey. A thirty-hour exhausting flight physically transported me from Vietnam to a foreign land - Corpus Christi, as well as figuratively transformed a childish girl to a young adult at the age of fifteen. From the moment that I stepped out of the airplane, a new chapter of my life began without me being aware. After a chain of uplifting and exciting feelings, the reality mercilessly ruined my flawless illusion. Corpus Christi was not the capitalist paradise that I dreamed about. It was not the luxurious America that I imagined. Language limitations and cultural shock immediately affected my academic record, and challenged …show more content…
I realize that my life story is not solely based on the popular American dream. As I have mentioned, the high-quality education at London makes me heartily appreciate the opportunity that I have been given. The more grateful I am, the more concerned I become when I look around and see countless people suffering. It is not all about achieving my American dream or surviving this winner-takes-all game anymore, I passionately want to know why people are poor and how I can make a difference. An enthusiasm of philanthropy is kindled in me. I am working diligently towards my future goal, which is to become a medical, scientific employee of international organizations such as United Nations or World Health Organization. On the other hand, the diversity and academic challenges that I experience have noticeably trained my flexibility and perseverance. My journey at London has shaped an adventurous, enduring and wise risk-taker in me. I am no longer afraid to step out of my comfort zone to gain priceless lessons. These influential international organizations are the tickets to achieve financial, intellectual, and philanthropic success. Moreover, going to London has changed my college preferences. A prestigious, massive institution is not my primary choice anymore. I am more convinced to attend the college that will maximize my ability and opportunity, which is one of the factors encouraging me to apply for Texas A&M Kingsville. Overall, the most meaningful aspect of being a London student is the development of my personality. London has given me the ability to grow stronger and dream bigger regardless of any

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