MXE, a New Designer Drug Essay

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COM/156 UOPX Andrew M Cherny MXE {4.}(1.) “Methoxetamine (MXE) or 3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE is a chemical of the arylcyclohexylamine class which” is now sold as the new designer drug called MXE, a deadly drug yet legal for people to purchase. One can only imagine what effect this drug has on humans. This MXE is a synthetic drug can be snorted or injected into the bloodstream. It has been reported that people who have tried this new drug have had out of body experiences. MXE is a legal drug with a high that can be …show more content…
The drug Ketamine is used in animals to tranquilize them. One can only imagine the effects it has on human beings. {4.}(1. EMCDDA annual Report 2010)” Most legally available novel psychoactive substances are sold with no data regarding their chemistry, pharmacology of toxicology, no safety assessments and no administration instructions. The risks inherent in using such substances that have not been subjected to any safety assessments are obvious”. While taking Methoxetamine it is a fact that MXE has caused many people to have out of body experiences. This new drug MXE can cause multiple physical injuries to your body. It has been discovered that MXE can even cause death. MXE blocks many of the brain receptors including those related to the respiratory system. It gives a human being very shallow breathing. This drug is a psychoactive drug that has caused anxiety attacks in many people, therefore many who people suffer from heart problems and schizophrenia should stay well away from MXE. This new designer drug known to us as MXE{7.} “is thought to behave as a NMDA receptor antagonist and dopamine reuptake inhibitor” which contains all necessary groups to produce the perfect dissociative. Therefore it was not a surprise about its popularity but what was a surprise was the willingness of the Chinese laboratories to synthesize it. A few years ago Chinese laboratories would not

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