Music 's Influence On Music Essay

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Music has been a continuously changing form of expression from as early as 1500 BC. Ranging from popular pop music of today all the way back to when operas and grand symphonies were stars of the music world, music has never stopped evolving and taking new routes. Throughout every country and area in the world, different influences and factors shape and impact how that style of music sounds and is produced. Every mind has a different take on these sounds, and there is no barrier as to what can and can’t be extracted from the music that is produced. By playing music, there are many feelings and emotions that the listeners can take from it. Through musical therapy, soul music and instrumentals, music can tell a story and not only impact the band but those who listen to it. With these mediums, there are stories that can be discovered and people that it can heal. There is no such thing as a song with no reason and no background, all sounds have the ability to influence and inspire creativity.

Music has various ways that it can evoke emotions of sadness or love, but no genres can do that quite the way soul music can. Listeners can understand and experience a hard time or memory that comes filled with passion and power. Artists often use song to let something out and get a struggle or story off their chests without having to talk to people about it. Instead of having to hold these thoughts in, singing allows for a first hand trip through the experience.

Something that music…

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