Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

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Music Therapy My paper will show how music therapy has helped society in America. Music therapy is used to help cancer patients, people who have fallen into depression, and people dealing with stress. There are many types of music that is used in music therapy and I will explain all that later on. What is music therapy? Music therapy is an evidence-based use of music interventions to help people with illnesses. Music therapy promotes wellness, manage stress, enhance memory, and alleviate pain.
The profession of music therapy started during World War I and World War II. It was used when soldiers were in the hospital and the nurses needed to distract the soldiers from their traumatic injuries. Soldiers would engage in activities that
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People in the military are common patients. Servicemen who come back from war are often dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and major depression. If these servicemen do not get help their condition can get worse. They can commit suicide, abuse substances, or have family conflicts. By attending music therapy these risks will decrease.
Military members can be active when they attend music therapy because there are many centers around the country. When they are active music therapists help soldiers deal with their stress while they are in deployment. There are even centers that use the method of songwriting to help with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Other patients who use music therapy to help with their condition are people with autism. Music therapist enhance social, emotional, and music skills to people with autism. The techniques that music therapists use are pretty simple. They use techniques such as singing, playing instruments, dancing, and
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Some of the activities include dancing, playing instruments, and singing. Some therapist like to help their patients write songs. They say that by writing songs their patients let out all the emotions that they hide inside and it let’s them express themselves. Therapists also like using this method because they say that everyone can successfully write a song. There has been multiple research studies for music therapy. A doctor named Sandi Curtis had significant findings that music therapy improves mood, life quality, relaxation, comfort, and happiness. Adults with cancer that go to music therapy reduce their distress, pain, depression, anxiety, and fear. Sandi Curtis has also found that children who attend music therapy has improved the way they cope and how they behave.
Another study was conducted by Doctor Joke Bradt from the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center in Philadelphia, PA. She said that music therapy can help those who are experiencing brain injuries. She says that music therapists use techniques that aim to stimulate brain function controlling movement, speech, emotions, and the senses. Dr. Joke Bradt claims that they encourage people to listen to music in their rehabilitation

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