Music Is The Most Popular Choice Of America 's Youth Essay

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The year is 1955, in the middle of the Eisenhower administration; rock music is replacing the jazz based aesthetic in American popular music (Peterson). 1955 was not just the birth of a new genre of music, but it was the birth of an extremely controversial genre of music; rock music. Rock music has been criticized by everybody but the devout listeners. Despite the occasional fads rock music is the most popular choice of America’s youth (Leming 365). Music is a way of reflecting feelings, values, needs and conflicts as well as a way living for most adolescents ( ). In a survey of 1500 American youth 81% claimed that music was important to their daily life (Leming 364). As an important part of life, music shapes the listeners morals, beliefs as well as the person’s mood and short term behavior.
Listening to music allows for an adolescence to relate their own life to those of others and see that they are not the only one dealing with the same form of a problem. Majority of the research completed on the impact of music on the life of an adolescent only focuses on the negative effects of the music, but it has been proven that, independent of the music genre, music also has a positive effect on the listener ( ). Adolescents use music as a way to releases or control an emotion which enables them to cope in difficult situations. In a study done at Washington University, researchers found that teens believe that music is important to and also reflects American culture…

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