Essay about Music Is The Core Foundation Of The Emo Culture

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Emo, a label given to teens that appear to wear dark clothing and walking around looking as if they are chronically depressed. Who are these kids really and what has made them this way? There has been speculation on how to define Emo culture, from its fashion and lifestyle close to that of the Goth culture and it’s taste in music close to the Punk culture, yet being neither. Music is the core foundation of the Emo culture, it not only influences the way teens dress and behave, but it connects to them to a community in which they are ably to freely express themselves and find common ground with others who understand their emotional turmoil, however teens also become vulnerable to negative self destructive thoughts and ideas such as suicide or self harm, all depending on the impact of the music within this culture.

The term Emo is short for “emotional,” having originally come from the Washing, DC Hardcore/Punk scene in 1984 (Phillipov 1). The general perceptions of Emo teens include wearing black clothing, distinctively side parted hairstyles, black eyeliner and having piercings. The attitudes and behaviors of Emos can be seen through their music taste, which involve emotionally turbulent themes often associated with adolescence such as despair, nostalgia, heartbreak, hope, and self-loathing (Bailey 1). Music’s influence on the Emo culture can be seen from teens copying the fashion styles of bands such as My Chemical Romance with disheveled black dyed hair, red and black…

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