Multinational Corporations ( Mnc ) Essays

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Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) operate as part of an economic atmosphere that stretch beyond country borders and into territories, sometimes with little or no governance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the MNC to conduct business in accordance with a strict code of conduct, and to uphold the highest of ethical standards. Recent scrutiny from individuals and activist groups have led to MNC’s to respond by making a concerted effort to stop human rights violations, bribery, and pollution, all while raising awareness for other key issues (Pestre). As Americans we might think of these various practices of respecting human rights and minimizing pollution to be standard procedure and anything less to be unacceptable actions by a company. However, in other countries where the standard of living is not as high as it is in the United States, these practices might not necessarily be business as usual. This then tempts MNC’s to lower their standards to match those of these other countries and raises the question, is it acceptable for MNC’s be to reduce their ethical standards to compete internationally?

The answer to this question is not black and white, as there is no global set of rules for ethical standards. What is ethically correct in America may be completely different in another country, as not all countries have the same high ethical standards that business in the United States are expected to abide by. In some countries, using bribery to do business with a…

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