Georges Braque Curbism Analysis

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Fragmented. Multifaceted. Innovative. Georges Braque co-instigated the development and usage of the cubism movement. Much like his paintings and his work in other mediums, his life was also multifaceted and complicated. His art mimicked his life and vice versa and culminated in one of the more significant developments in modern art as we know it today.
Georges Braque, the father of cubism, was born on the 13th of May in 1882 in Argenteuil, France. Sired by a decorative painter, Braque took advantage of his early introduction into the art world, and began painting in his youth. He utilized his experience in varied colors and styles to branch away from the realism that dominated the art scene, and permeated through the works of major artists
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One of the most prevalent of his artistic creations is “Fruit on a Table-cloth with a Fruit Dish”, which he completed in 1925. This work, painted with Braque’s post- war mentality. The painting depicts a bowl of fruit. While it can easily be identified, it is painted in an altered plane of perception; flattened out to show all the different angles of the objects in the frame. Utilizing his cubism methods, the painting is filled with simplistic geometric shapes and bright colors. The scene, of a banquet held for him, is saturated with vibrant colors to convey his elation at being home from war, and celebrated by his friends. Paintings like this one can be isolated to examine Braque’s mental state and the different eras of his …show more content…
Cubism has not only dominated the canvas, but also architecture and sculpture. Braque’s influences can be seen in many works of contemporary styles of buildings and architectures. Often very angular and different colors. The House of the Black Madonna is a building build in the style of cubism on the exterior, and dedicated to the artistic style on the inside. Located in Prague, the building mimics the way Braque viewed objects with multiple faces and angles to convey textures and shapes.
Relevant and influential in the past, present, and perceivably the future, Braque has been one of the major influences on art; and an inspiration to others. The fluidity of style while remaining dedicated to a single concept has paved the way for many others to fully define and develop themselves into their own concepts of art and reality. Braque- forefather of cubism and trailblazer of artistic

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