Multicultural Counseling Is Necessary For Modern Day Society Essay

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As America becomes more diverse, it is important to offer more diverse resources to accommodate different cultures. This is particularly true when it comes to counseling. Multicultural counseling is when the counselor works with a client from a different cultural background than themselves and learns how that might affect interactions that take place within the counseling relationship. Multicultural counseling is necessary in modern day society. Humans have migrated for over 2 million years across each continent. Each group of people developed their own culture. Differences in culture can include contrasts in religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, socioeconomic class, family history, and even geographic location. In order to be an effective multicultural counselor, they must identify differences between themselves and the client. It is important for the counselor to be understanding of the roles that a client’s culture, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, and other aspects of diversity play in their lives.
There are several different cultures within the United States, but one culture that has been present in this country even before the thirteen colonies, is the Native Americans. Native Americans are involved in a rich culture shaped by hundreds of years of traditions and spiritual understandings. Because of these different ways of thinking, a counselor would have a hard time gaining trust of a Native American client without understanding their cultural mindset. Native…

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