Mrs. Andrea Yates 's Mental Illness Essay

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Mrs. Andrea Yates past life showed that she has had a history of mental illness. Mrs. Andrea Yates had been brought to the hospital many times for strings of mental cases that she had received treatment for because she had harsh depression and the depression came due to psychosis. One time when Yates was in the hospital, she was described as an intensely psychotic woman. Yates has tried many times to commit suicide; for instance one time she tried to overdose by using antidepressants and even after that did not work she attempted to murder herself by stabbing herself. Yates has been through unfavorable paranoia. “For instance, she was of the belief that there were video cameras that were placed everywhere in the house to track what she was doing. Additionally, she claimed that there were cartoons that were talking to her” (Resnick, 2007). Doctors recommended Andrea Yates to take “antidepressants like Effexor, Remeron and Zyprexa” (Resnick, 2007). At a specific time in the treatment, she was encouraged to go for an electroshock treatment. It was while she was on Haldol that her state began to show signs of improvement. Nonetheless, her specialist cautioned her of having more kids, as this would disturb her state. It was, nonetheless, because of her better half that she ceased solution and went to have more kids. “This led to the birth of another child and the impact of her father’s passing away led her to suffer from an intense case of depression. This case led her to kill…

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