Essay on Movie Review : Norma Rae

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The movie Norma Rae was a great movie to watch in regards to labor relations and put in perspective why people in the 70’s and 80’s fought so hard to unionize industries where the textile mill in the movie was part of. There are a number of issues that the movie brings up such as safety issues, why the textile mill needed a union, the role of not only management, but a union organizer and the struggle of trying to bring a union to a nonunion town are just a few examples.
Right from the beginning of the movie we start noticing issues that deal with why big mills such as the JP Henley Textile Mill needed to unionize in order to keep people safe. Norma’s mother loses her hearing in the movie and while running to the doctor’s office in the mill, they are throwing things out of the way and pushing bins around; there is a lot of clutter and safety issues. Once they get to the doctor’s office, the doctor didn’t care that Norma’s mother had lost her hearing. All throughout the movie we notice safety issues that keep bringing our attention back to why the mill needed a union and someone to stand up for their rights. Norma’s father was missing a finger, and we conclude it’s because he had an accident at the mill due to the fact that family has always been a mill family. Later in the movie, it’s so hot in the mill while they are counting votes, a woman passes out. Also, when workers come to Norma’s house to talk about why they want a union, there are talks about how a woman has…

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