Movie Review : Movie Traffic Essay

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For my reaction paper, I chose to review the movie Traffic, a movie highlighting the international drug trade, released in 2000 and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Traffic makes a point throughout the movie, that whether the actual drug and its effects, the power that comes with being a major distributor of the drug or the money and wealth that come with selling the drug, people have specific motivations for being a part of the “war on drugs.”
The first motivation Traffic highlights is that of the actual drug. The scenario follows white, suburban politician, Robert Wakefield, as he is appointed the new drug czar. He believes he can end the war on drugs by simply working with Mexican authorities. Wakefield has a very conservative viewpoint on drugs, really wanting to crack down on policies. All the while, his daughter Caroline is frequently using crack cocaine. After being introduced to the drug one time by her boyfriend, she becomes hooked for more than 6 months and eventually turns to prostitution in order to get money for drugs. To Caroline, the effects of the drug are more than enough motivation for her to be a part of the “war on drugs.”
The next motivation I saw throughout the film is one of power. The second scenario follows Javier, a Mexican police officer hired by Salazar, a higher up Mexican official, to “help stop the international drug trade.” He joins the team thinking he will actually impact the trade, but quickly learns that the Mexican authorities themselves…

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