Movie Review : 5 Flights Up Essay

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Film Blog Assignment: 5 Flights Up
The film “5 Flights Up” follows an elderly married couple as they attempt to sell their apartment while dealing with their sick dog, a “terrorist” incident in the neighbourhood, and the fact that they really don’t want to move but are being pushed towards it by family and acquaintances who believe that the building isn’t suitable for an aging couple.
The definition of the ideological code of the “Standard North American Family,” which is commonly abbreviated to “SNAF,” states that SNAF is the conception of “family” as a legally married, heterosexual couple who share a household and who may or may not have children (Mitchell, 2009). Some other common parts of the concept are that the family is middle-class and White, and the husband is the breadwinner and while the wife may work, her main duty is carrying for the household and raising the children (Mitchell, 2009). In some ways Alex and Ruth fit into the mould for SNAF, they are a legally married, heterosexual couple that share a household. For the most part though Alex and Ruth do not fit into the mould for what is commonly pictured for SNAF.
Firstly, the division of labour for household tasks seems to be egalitarian, in one scene of the film set in the early years of their marriage, Alex and Ruth are shown preparing a meal together, with Alex shown peeling potatoes while Ruth is chopping the carrots. The couple also doesn’t fit into the model for SNAF because I believe Ruth was the main…

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