Essay on Movie Industry : The American Film Industry

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Since its inception, the American film industry has reigned supreme in popularity throughout the world. Moviegoers and cinephiles alike have become enamored with the allure of ‘Hollywood’, known as the mecca of the entertainment industry. As one of the oldest film industries, the US has produced major films such as Star Wars (1977), Titanic (1997), and Avatar (2009). In addition, iconic American actors such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe rose to worldwide stardom. Its popularity, through successful films and prominent figures, has allowed the industry to create an international platform, from which the US can see continued success for decades to come. In this section, we will analyze the US film industry according to its market success, cultural ramifications and the technology it implements. We will find that its market will continue to be successful, its cultural presence will help capture foreign market shares and its technology and filming process is far ahead of other film industries.

The US film industry is a notoriously volatile market, as a result of its high risk, high reward nature and abundance of competition. With almost $4.6 billion in profits, major companies, such as Disney (21.3%), 21st Century Fox (18.9%), NBCUniversal Media LLC (14.9%), Time Warner Inc (14.3%), Viacom Inc (11.6%) and others (19%), have vied for the largest market share in producing and distributing films of all genres. High profit margins, about 15% in recent years, have attracted a…

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