Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Crash '

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The movie “Crash” tells interlocking stories of various races and the experiences of racism based on their position within American society. Essentially crashing together in this movie are issues concerning beliefs of pre-conceived judgments, stereotypes, gender roles, and racial discrimination. Running rampant throughout the movie are examples of these negative beliefs depicted in the typical day in the life of a Los Angeles citizen. While the film does exhibit the experiences of various groups of people, we must come to the realization that this movie is intended to reach a white audience. Even though the movie does portray white characters in a negative light by demonstrating acts of racism: these acts are overshadowed by constant justification present throughout the entirety of the movie. Due to the justification of the racism we see in white characters, the movie advocates that whites are not at fault for the issue of racism. For this paper I will focus on the analysis of “whiteness” that is prevalent in this movie, while also providing examples of how the movie is framed, through its characters, that continue to reinforce justification of racism.
In one scene, a black film director named Cameron and his wife are driving a car similar to one that is stolen earlier in the movie; however it is clear to the officer sitting in the passenger seat by the license plate that this was not the stolen car. Even so, the couple is pulled over by a racist police officer named John…

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