Essay Movie Analysis : Crash ( 2004 )

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The movie Crash (2004) takes place in Los Angeles over the course of two days with roughly 10 main characters of different backgrounds whose stories intersect with one another. The movie touches on issues such as race, class and gender and how these issues affect people’s lives and their interactions with one another. As people keep crashing into each other over the course of a thirty-six hour period they are forced to confront their assumptions on race, class, gender and reexamine themselves.
The film talks touches on many social issues. One of those issues is police brutality. When Police Officer Ryan pulls over Cameron and Christine he does so for no other reason other than that they are African American. Ryan violates Christine and molests her during a pat down and forces them to apologize over nothing. Ryan then lets the couple go with a warning. Cameron apologizes just because he is afraid if he doesn’t he will end up dead.
Another social issue in the movie is racial bias. In the movie two Persian characters attempt to buy a gun and speak in Farsi at the store. The storeowner gets annoyed after a while and insults the two characters assuming there are terrorists because of their nationally. The Persian characters get insulted and insist they are American citizens. The scene escalates and the Persian characters get kicked out of the store. In another example of racial bias is when Jean insists on having the house locks changed again in the morning after a Latino man…

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