Motor Learning And Teaching Music Essay examples

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RESEARCH PAPER: Motor learning and Teaching Music 2

The article I read titled, “Motor Learning In Music Education,” by Robert G. Sindell, was extremely fascinating. He was explaining how it is crucial to develop motor skills when practicing and learning music. It was very eye opening in the sense of how many ideas have been summoned over the years on the multiple ways educators can teach based off of how to utilize the student 's motor skills. When a musician reads music, their brains have to process exceedingly fast in a limited amount of time. It 's incredible how quickly this process occurs, considering the pace at which the brain reads the notes, processes it and is followed by an almost instant motor response. Even playing by ear or memory is crazily quick in responding to the correct motor skills accordingly to achieve results. Music educators know how vital motor activities are for learning. “Children experience music through motion” (Sindell, p. 7,1986). Children shouldn 't have to be coached to learn how to jump and run around they are already wired like that from that day they are born. Comparatively to learning the basics of rhythm, we all remember dancing around to music in elementary school. Little did we know that we were obtaining essential motor skills that would later benefit us in our music education. It would be impossible to teach someone how to play music if they didn 't understand the concept of rhythm.…

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