Essay Motives for English Imperialism

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C132 Survey of United States History
Griselda Brower
Task 1
A. Motives for English Imperialism
Empires seek various prompts to help them expand their rule to other countries and territories. Amongst these motives include, economic gain, exploratory, political, religious and ethnocentric motives.
Due to the large importation of American crops, England’s population doubled in size. With all the new people migrating to England, people started to compete for food, clothing and housing. This led to inflation of England. The increase number of people looking for works caused a decreased in wages. When landowners raised rents and seizing land, people were forced to leave their homes. Residents were forced to share smallholdings with
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Other times, they explored for their sense of adventure. Nations wanted to explore, discover, map and claim new territories before anyone other nation did. They wanted recognition from other territories for their new claimed territories. The citizens wanted personal and national glory as they aimed to serve the imperialist goal of expansion.
Imperial nations often believed that their cultures, beliefs and values were superior of those other nations. Imperial conquest of other territories, they believed, would bring success over other nations or groups. An example of ethnocentrism is how in the late 19th century, European citizens believed that inferior races had the obligation to become slaves to the Europeans.
Political groups started to grow throughout the countries. Countries started to compete against each other for ultimate control and supremacy. Ultimate control, national pride, security and prestige are what lead countries to compete against each other. Countries wanted to claim new territories, in order to protect their armies and ensure access to their navies.
Religious people often set out to convert new members to their religious beliefs. For example, Christian missionaries set out churches throughout the new territories in England to promote their Christianity beliefs in the early 19th century. The missionaries spread the imperials nations’ language using educational and religious interactions and spreading their belief through the messages they

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