Motivational Methods Essay

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Motivational Method
Motivation is the key element in a workplace and it is extremely important to know the theories, methods, and applications associated with motivation. Motivation is a necessary skill for future managers and leaders as it is used to motivate employees to work more efficiently. Researching the different motivation methods has brought the realization of just how important motivation is in the workplace.
For most managers, motivating their employees is a key issue. In today’s work force, managers are inclined to pay special attention to their employees. They also pay attention to motivates them to perform at a higher level. Not every individual works in the same manner or needs the same motivation. This paper will look
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Desired goals are often clearly defined within an organization. When dealing with motivation of employees, a manager will normally seek to change or maintain certain environmental factors. This is done to influence the inner drive of his or her employees. The key challenge in terms of motivation is how to encourage workers to contribute inputs to their jobs and to the organization. Managers want workers to be motivated to contribute inputs such as, efforts, specific job behaviors, skills, knowledge, time and experience because inputs influence job performance and ultimately, organizational performance.
In an organization, different employees have different needs. One explanation of human motivation focuses on the content of people's needs. The content approach to motivation focuses on the assumption that individuals are motivated by the desire to fulfill inner needs. Content theories focus on the needs that motivate people. Needs are deficiencies that energize or trigger behaviors to satisfy those needs.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is one of the content theories of motivation that attempt to explain motivation in terms of what arouses and energizes behavior (Maslow, 1954). Maslow (1954) identified five human needs that motivate people as physiological needs, security needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization needs. The five needs are arranged in a hierarchy and are divided into higher order and lower

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