Motivational Interviewing Is A Method Of Addiction Essay

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What is Motivational interviewing? Motivational interviewing is a method of addiction counseling that focuses on the client. This is a goal-oriented addiction treatment which emphasizes results and seeks to help clients clear the hurdle of ambivalence. The motivational interviewing process focuses on the desire to change within the client. This desire is not pushed on them by the counselor. Instead, this desire is developed by establishing rapport with the client and encouraging them to consider the consequences of their addictive behavior. When successful, motivational interviewing helps our clients find it within themselves to take life in a healthier direction.
Motivational Interviewing Addresses Addiction. Motivational interviewing first came on the scene in the early 1980s. In the decades that followed, addiction counselors have widely adopted motivational interviewing. It has proven effective in guiding clients into more productive life patterns. It is also effective in addressing forms of substance abuse dependency. Motivational interviewing is a process, a collaboration between client and counselor. At all stages of the process, the counselor maintains a level of respect. Other methods can be more direct, but motivational interviewing is non-confrontational.
Anyone who has struggled with substance dependency knows that behavior change is a very hard process. Therefore, it is so important for the therapist to guide the client and remain empathetic always but,…

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