Motivation Questions For Nipissing Sponsored Leadership Experiences

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Motivation Questions for Nipissing-Sponsored Leadership Experiences

Question 1: Given your personal, academic and career goals, outline three main reasons why you are applying for this opportunity.

On of the main reasons that I am applying for this opportunity stems from my desire to return to Africa. Two years ago I took part in a volunteer trip to South Africa that profoundly changed my life. I had the chance to work in an elementary school assisting in the construction of new buildings and helping the classroom teachers. It was through this experience that I truly found my passion for teaching. Seeing the impact that I could have on someone else’s life was something that I will cherish forever.
As a teacher, I feel that it is very important to be aware of different cultures and the life experiences of others around the world. I will see students from many different walks of life and feel that it is critical to have an understanding of these differences in order to provide students with a safe, respectful, and positive learning environment.
I am continuously looking for opportunities that will assist in my professional development. Taking advantage of this placement opportunity would provide me with unique experiences that I would not be able to obtain here in Canada. There are many different approaches to teaching and as a teacher candidate I want to take every chance I can to learn something new, not only for myself, but also for my future students.

Question 2:…

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