Holocaust Motivation In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Holocaust Victims and their Motivation
“My father and I were so close. And because of the way he died, that he never left me.”- Elie Wiesel. During the holocaust many people were affected, especially Jews. They were thrown into concentration camps where they were forced to work and starved. Many Jews survived but sadly more died than lived. How did these people find the will to live? Well, During the Holocaust most Jews were alone with not much of a will to live others had a motive to live faith, family, friends or just flat out a fear of death. One of the biggest motivations for Jews and those affected by the holocaust were their family and friends.
There were many different groups of people affected during the Holocaust. Holocaust victims
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People think because many Holocaust victims were Jews they would turn to God instead of their families in their times of trouble. It was not faith but family. Why? Well that may have been the case during the early days of being in the concentration camps, but many after being there for longer would lose faith. In the book “Night” people said “if there were a god he would not be letting this go on” and that he would have some mercy. Even a rabbi in the book “Night” who devoted his life to his religion was starting to lose faith and that was the case for many Jews during the holocaust. A rabbi one of the highest people in the Jewish religion was losing faith what can that tell you about others whose beliefs may not have been as strong as a rabbi. It means that lots more people lost their faith because they did not believe that God would let this go on for this long. Many had given up on their faith especially if they had a rabbi near them and they saw his faith start to wither, their own faith would start to wither along with his. Who was there when they lost their faith though? Well a mom, dad, brother, sister, or even a friend and now they put all their effort into living for that

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