Motivation And Motivation For Employees Essay

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“Motivation is frequently used but it is poorly understood. Over 140 definitions have been provided over the years (Jennifer George 157).” With a 140 different definitions for motivation, it is easy to understand why corporations have a hard time understanding or implementing motivation programs. Inspiring motivation in employees is a key for a companies’ success. Motivation is the unchangeable driving force behind a person’s choice to act or refrain from actions. (Richard Templar 46).
We hear a lot about motivation at work today, “I just am not feeling motivated today”, or “How can I motivate a co-worker today?” Many people have left companies because they did not feel motivated to do the work anymore. Unmotivated individuals can cost the company millions of dollars by either not doing their job or not doing their job correctly. Also disengaged employees will miss more work days and are less loyal. The relationship between turnover and motivation is relatively unexplored. Turnover isn 't always a result of lack of motivation and dissatisfaction among employees; turnover itself also has an impact on employee motivation, causing dips and spikes in employee motivation. (Mayhew)
In the changing economy and work force companies will need to focus of motivating employees to give their all. The purpose of a business is to get the highest ROE (return on equity) from the amount of capital invested in the company. The goal of management is to get the highest ROE (return on…

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