Essay about Most Popular Form Of Pest Management

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Post World War II, chemical pesticides has become the most popular form of pest management. (Muir, History of pesticide use) The first pesticide that was widely used was DDT; it was favored for its ability to get rid of pests against agricultural and human health. Pesticide use was very liberal and many pests became resistant to pesticides, this caused non-targeted plants and animals to be harmed, and residue started to show up in unexpected places. (Delaplane, 2) Rachel Carson wrote the novel Silent Spring in 1962, the public was shaken. In Silent Spring Carson wrote about the environmental effects of careless use of pesticides. (Delaplane, 2) Silent Springs lead to the government looking into more environmentally safe pesticides. Many of today’s pesticides are now created after natural pesticides. (Delaplane, 2)
Pesticides can be very dangerous when considering the health effects on humans. Pesticides are designed to kill, unfortunately a lot of times they end up killing something other than what it was intended for. The reason why this happens is because pesticides are not designed to kill one specific species. It is estimated, by the World Health Organization, that there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisonings each year and up to 220,000 deaths. (Lah, Effects of Pesticides on Human Health) The application of pesticides is often not very precise; this results in problems for the organisms in the general area of the pesticides. The exposure to pesticides only has to…

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