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The Morrigan was also a Seer, who prophesied the future.

She is sometimes called the Triple Goddess – with Her other aspects being Badb, Macha, and Nemain.

Scottish Tales

The treacherous whirlpool in the Inner Hebrides, commonly known as the Corryveckan, is also known as “Morrigan’s Cauldron”.

Manx Tale

In Manx, there is a legend of a mermaid who lived in a creek on the Isle of Man. A young boatman fell in love with her and brought her an offering of apples, even planting an apple tree near the shore for her. It is said that he eventually left, and she wandered the shores looking form him in vain. Apples and Mermaids are both signatures of Morgan’s many folktales.

Lady of the Lake

In Breton, France, Morgens are sea-women, water spirits or mermaids. The name Morgan has also been translated as “of the sea” (muirgen) and is one of the names for the Lady of the Lake. She is associated with both Vivianne and Nimue, who are also known as the Lady of the Lake. The western sea (the Atlantic Ocean) is where Her island of Avalon (also known as Ynys Avallach, the Isle of Apples and the Fortunate Isle) is located - where She receives the dead and heals them of their earthly pains.

Could the names morgue, mortuary and morte also be related to this Goddess of Death? Avalon is associated with Glastonbury Tor, which some legends say was once a magic island surrounded by water. Morgan is one of the three queens that takes King Arthur’s body
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