Morality 's Relationship With Religion Essay

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Morality 's Relationship with Religion
The case of brought upon is whether morality is something developed by a divine power or are the principles independent from God. In order to understand were morality stands, there is a need to comprehend what morality is. The meaning of morality can vary depending on the individual views, influence of others, religion and cultural beliefs. Morality is the distinction of knowing between right and wrong; therefore separating good behavior from a bad one that is the principle of morality. Then it comes to the conclusion that a decision can be seen as good for a person, but in another person 's eyes it can be seen as immoral. Let 's take the Euthyphro by Plato for example, Euthyphro says "the murdered man has been justly slain. If justly, then your duty is to let the matter alone; but if unjustly, then even if the murderer lives under the same roof... proceed against him"(Plato). It is here that raises the question what justifies for a man to kill another; in which manner is it adequate for morality to persecute a criminal. It is a search to identify an answer as to where morality fits in this sort of situations; the action is justify by humans minds not necessarily by a God. Morality must be independent from God as an excerpt in Euthyphro meantions," what is loved by the gods is also hated by them. And therefore, Euthyphro, in thus chastising your father you may very likely be doing what is agreeable to Zeus but disagreeable to Cronos or…

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