Morality And The Moral Action Essay

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Morals are often established and shared by people throughout the world. When you see someone getting injured in an accident the moral action is to dial 911, when you see someone choking the instinctual moral action is to give them the Heimlich, when you see someone having a heart attach the moral action is to begin CPR. So when Colleen, an employee of Glenwood Gardens, a assisted living community, refused to administer CPR on a dying 87-year-old, many people were left in shock of the heartless action that Colleen participated in (Johnson 359).
Lorraine Bayless was an 87-year-old resident at Glenwood Gardens who suddenly collapsed in the dining room, promptly an employee called 911. This employee then handed the phone off to a nurse who identified herself as Colleen. The 911 dispatcher, Tracey Halvorson, immediately dispatched EMS but asked Colleen to begin a life saving procedure, CPR, till they arrived. Shockingly Colleen profusely refused to take actions to save Mrs. Bayless’ life by administrating CPR, instead saying that it was against company policy for her to take such actions (Johnson 359). The dispatcher, like any other human being was appalled by this refusal to save a life and even tried reasoning with Colleen to find someone else; in the recording Tracey Halvorson says, “‘I understand if your boss is telling you you can 't do it,’ the dispatcher said. ‘But ... as a human being ... you know ... is there anybody that 's willing to help this lady and not let her…

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