Derivations To Kant's Categorical Imperative

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Kantian Ethics is revolved around universal laws, as people apply moral laws to many situations and circumstances daily. Moral obligation is binding for all rational beings, in all places and at all times. Thus, it is important to develop a clear understanding of moral principles as it helps people keep track of their moral obligation and ensure that their motivations are pure; not self-interested. A secure understanding of morality must be based on the a priori concepts of reason that are from pure philosophy because a priori concepts occur to people before they have any sensory perception. As a result, “pure”, a priori concepts give intrinsic validity to universally valid moral ideas. In addition, morality based on reason not only is logical to everyone but also superior to a moral system accepted by one specific community. Reason is a source of fundamental truths that transcend culture and history. This is due to the fact that rational ideas make sense to everyone, it is universal and it has a strong claim to authority. Overall, this essay will cover the derivations to Kant’s Categorical Imperative, what is good will …show more content…
When rational beings pursue their objectives, they must always view themselves not only as means to some purpose but also ends in themselves. In addition, rational beings must also treat their peers as ends in themselves. Hence, the second formulation of categorical imperative is as follows: “Act so that you use humanity as much in your own person as in the person of every other, always at the same time as end and never merely as means.” . Kant’s example of helping others in need is consistent with the second formulation of the law. A view of humanity as end in itself requires people to strive towards maximum happiness for humanity, thus people must take care of other people for the welfare of the humanity. This formulation is still universal, applicable to everyone and comes from reason; not from

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