Moral And Ethical Implementations Of Catch 22 Essay

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Nicholas Halford
AP Lit
10 January 2016
Moral and Ethical Implementations in Catch 22 Catch 22 is a novel driven by the impediments of Yossarian’s surrounding society, and the conflicts he faces due to his own disparity with his society. The novel is based during WWII on the fictional island of Pianosa, where Yossarian is enlisted as a bombardier. Yossarian faces both moral and ethical disagreements with the other men on Pianosa. Robert Brustein states in his analysis, “Yossarian’s expedient is not very flattering to our national ideals, being defeatist, selfish, cowardly, and unheroic. On the other hand, it is one of those sublime expressions of anarchic individualism without which all national ideals are pretty hollow” (The Logic of Survival in a Lunatic World). This gives the uneasy tension, between Yossarian and his commanding officers, which Catch 22 is structured upon. Many of the moral and unmoral decisions made in Catch-22 create tension between characters, and hinder them from accomplishing any goals. Yossarian faces troubles in society with the logical understanding of life and death in the face of danger, the catch, and relying on his internal values of others’ lives over his own. One major factor furthering Yossarian’s quest for home is the fallible logic displayed by the surrounding characters. Like Robert Brustein stated, “Catch-22 is based on an unconventional but utterly convincing internal logic” (The Logic of Survival in a Lunatic World), meaning…

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