Moral Abuse Of Children

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I may even be better than orphans who don’t have dad or mom, many of them do not know what to do. That is why you find many of them Chokoraa (street children) discouraged. People take them for house hold chores, but use them differently, they abuse them, violating human rights.
Basic need for these children first is education, food, accommodation, and clothes. If you go to the school, but no food at home, it means even learning is difficult, you can get food, but no clothing then again you are devastated. So all things contribute to the well-being of a human being that you have education, food, health, clothing and good accommodation. You cannot study or do your homework sitting on the bed. You need a good place for your studies, a table
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In the five schools I have served within two to three years, poor children who cannot afford education are the majority. You find a child so bright performing well in class, but when a child passes exam no one to pay the cost of education for further education. When filing the TSM9 form (Takwimu za shule ya msingi Kwa mwananfunzi) for students, parents come to school begging teachers to ensure children do not continue with studies, you see! Parents want to make sure that their children do not pass and exam we feel doing so is a social injustice for a child. exam because they have no money for their education

Teachers do not agree with parents, we feel doing so is social injustice for a child. We give children a chance to pass the exam; it is not our work to judge them but God’s will whether a child passes an exam or not that is not our business that is God’s will. When they pass the exam, the question emerges, about the cost.

You find a child from a poor family is so bright, but no one to pay school fees for such child. Sometimes teachers, I would say God created in them the spirit of sympathy. Sometimes they volunteer to sponsor poor children to make sure that they go to school. One can provide excise book, the other a pen, books, uniform and so on. Some of the teachers spend their personal money to help children go to

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